Halloween History

Halloween History, Communities celebrate Halloween in Jakarta tonight, even though the country was hit by two natural disasters at once. Treat events that take advantage of this moment the U.S. tradition, seen in a number of nightclubs and places of business in the number of Kemang, South Jakarta.

Halloween History, Eastern Promise pub & restaurant as the place to socialize the expatriates in Jakarta, not organized special events to celebrate Halloween.

"We're arrogant special occasion, but who came wearing a Halloween costume we love free beer, the best costumes we love free bill," said the superintendent place of business, Cici, to INILAH.COM, Saturday (10/30/2010).

While at The Rock Cafe, Kemang, Jakarta, is synonymous with celebration night pumpkin is done by holding a musical event. "Tomorrow night we will hold a tribute to Helloween, celebrate Halloween night," said Public Relations The Rock Cafe Hotel Grand Flora, Elsa.

In Kemang, Halloween has become an annual tradition that is celebrated by decorating the treats, and promo products they offer. The reason, Kemang is the most popular location of foreign nationals, and have a pretty tight competition in the field of entertainment, food, and fashion.

Although the country recently hit by disasters, for entrepreneurs in the number Kemamng would be more advantageous for him to make the celebration of the United States adopted the tradition of the Irish this.
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